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Passbook Savings

A basic savings account that offers liquidity without having to keep a lot of money in your account

  • $200 daily minimum balance required, $3.00 monthly service charge if below
  • Limited to 6 debits per month, $1.00 service charge for each debit over withdrawal limit
  • Earns competitive interest rates, compounded and paid to the account April 30th and October 31st
  • Passbook provided for easy record keeping

Invest@Home Money Market Savings

Tiered rates offer higher interest with higher balance and access to your funds

  • $1,500 daily minimum balance required, $10.00 service charge if below
  • Limited to 6 debits per month.  $10.00 service charge if over withdrawal limit
  • Variable interest rates move with market conditions. 
  • Interest is compounded and paid to the account monthly
  • Monthly statement provided

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Take advantage of CDs to earn attractive interest rates over a set period of time.  By putting your organization’s resources into a CD, you can be assured of a fixed interest rate and investment term.  This makes it easier to budget interest earnings.  CD’s are FDIC insured and guaranteed as a safe investment.
At Iowa State Bank, we offer flexible terms and competitive rates to help you reach your savings goals. 

  • $1,000 minimum opening deposit
  • 30 days to 5 year terms available
  • In general, you can get a higher interest rate by choosing a longer term or maintaining a higher balance.  CD Specials offer premium rates; however, Iowa State Bank determines the term and a larger opening deposit is required.
  • Variety of interest payment options and frequencies:
    • Interest can be paid to the CD
      Interest can be deposited to an Iowa State Bank checking or savings account
      An interest check can be mailed directly to you
      Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • CD will automatically renew at the lower, default rate unless we hear from you during the 10-day grace period
  • Withdrawals cannot be made until maturity without a substantial penalty

Cash Management Account  ** NOT FDIC Insured **

This investment account lets you increase your earnings by automatically sweeping your cash reserves into an interest bearing account.

  • Automatically sweeps funds with a collected balance over the “targeted” balance from a commercial checking account into the Cash Management account. 
  • Money is automatically transferred back if the account drops below the “targeted” balance.
  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service charges
  • Interest paid monthly to the Cash Management Account
  • Monthly statement provided
  • Requires business checking account with Iowa State Bank
  • Limited to commercial accounts only
  • The Cash Management Account is NOT FDIC insured

Business Retirement Plans

To help your business attract and retain your best employees and take advantage of tax benefits, we offer 401(k) plans, SIMPLE IRA’s, and Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans.

Offered through Iowa State Bank Investment Services.  Not FDIC insured.  May lose value.  No bank guarantee. 

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